Training camp to cultivate talents on TV programs launched in Beijing
Published: Mar 28, 2021 05:13 PM
Promotional material for Minning Town Photos: IC

Promotional material for Minning Town Photos: IC

A training camp to cultivate talents for the Chinese TV industry was launched in Beijing on Saturday. This first session recruited 40 trainees, who will also act as producers, directors and scriptwriters.

The opening ceremony of the training camp, Dengpan jihua (lit: Climbing Plan), was held at the Beijing Conference Center on Saturday. The first session of the training camp will last two days.

The camp was sponsored by the China Television Artists Association and supported by Chinese streaming platforms including Tencent and Youku.

The organizing committee recruited 40 students and selected top international and domestic film and TV experts and industry leaders as tutors to teach students every month. Students will train by creating "short drama" works with these masters showing them how to use cinematography to tell Chinese stories.

Gao Changli, head of the TV department of the Chinese National Radio and Television Administration, attended the opening ceremony and said that he was inspired by some high-quality TV dramas such as Minning Town explore life. 

Chinese actor Lin Yongjian shared his own experiences in the industry at the opening ceremony and thanked the hard work of behind-the-screen workers on the TV show. 

"As an actor, I am lucky. I enjoy the applause on stage and love from audiences, but I know that the efforts of the writers, directors, producers and all the people working behind the scenes are the key to the success of a work. Creation is a difficult process, which is like climbing a mountain. There are higher mountains, just like the name of our project, and we need to climb them constantly," Lin noted.