We must fight back: Chinese netizens use rap to battle Western brands banning Xinjiang cotton
Published: Mar 28, 2021 09:43 PM
Screenshot from Weibo

Screenshot from Sina Weibo

A rap song attacking Western brands, which ban Xinjiang cotton based on fabrications of "forced labor" in the region, with sharp lyrics such as “the demons think there are demons all around” went viral on Chinese social media on Saturday, earning applause from Chinese netizens. 

The song titled “Nike H&M” puts the names of the two famous Western brands together because they sound like the Chinese words for “you are so ridiculous.” 

The related hashtag for the song created by Li Yunzhi has earned more than 120 million views on China’s social media platform Sina Weibo and received numerous thumbs-up as of Sunday.

Lyrics such as “once you think you cannot exploit China, you will attack China with ‘freedom,’” “bite the hand that feeds you” and “self-proclaimed defenders of human rights, but rape them again and again” have become favorites of netizens.

Lots of netizens praised the song for igniting their enthusiasm to stand more firmly with their motherland and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Different from other patriotic rap songs that have been uploaded on the social media, the rap has English subtitles to help it spread more broadly overseas.

The translator of the lyrics, who goes by the web name “Xibeiyezhanjun,” told the Global Times on Sunday that he spent 40 minutes finishing the translation.

“We must fight back in a way that they can understand. Eating dirt will not earn us understanding but will only further intensify things, so we have to fight back,” the translator noted, adding that he considers himself just one speck of dust among a huge number of patriotic netizens.

Another rap song created by rapper Jian-Ajian that takes aim at H&M also went viral on social media earlier than “Nike H&M” and earned warm support from netizens.