Muji China says headquarters’ statement does not mean it agrees with ‘Xinjiang forced labor’ narrative
Published: Mar 29, 2021 08:18 PM


After a suspected reply from the owner of the Muji brand goods store chain said they are "deeply concerned" about "forced labor" reports in China, Muji China told the Global Times exclusively that these comments do not constitute any agreement on specific content or opinion in the reports.

In an online statement, Ryohin Keikaku Co, owner of the Muji brand stores, said it was aware of the relevant reports of "forced labor" in Xinjiang, and expressed "deep concern" over it. It said the company had conducted an audit of Xinjiang factories that supply products and found no significant issues. 

The Global Times reporter found that the statement was posted on the website of Japan Uyghur Association, an affiliate of the World Uyghur Congress.

However, in an exclusive reply to the Global Times on March 25, Muji China stated clearly that the company uses Xinjiang cotton.

The company purchases high-quality cotton from all over the world including China, India and Turkey. At present, a large number of Xinjiang cotton products are still on sale on the official Chinese website of Muji.

Regarding the double standards of Muji on Chinese and overseas markets, Muji China told the Global Times on Monday that the company pays close attention to recent reports on "forced labor" and "discrimination" in the Xinjiang, however, by saying "deeply concerned" it does not mean the company agrees with any specific report content or opinion, it said. 

Muji China said the company will continue to follow international standards and pay close attention to reporting on the subject.