HuaAn Fund Management fires lecturer from Taiwan over separatist remarks
Published: Mar 30, 2021 06:22 PM
Photo: A screenshot of Chang Wei-ching from web

Photo: A screenshot of Chang Wei-ching from web

HuaAn Fund Management Co, based in Shanghai, said on Tuesday that it is investigating reportedly inappropriate words from one of company employees, which said will severely deal with the issue once verified.

"Our company has zero tolerance toward any words and actions that hurt the country's national interest and the people's feeling, abide by laws and regulations, and expresses extreme shock and indignation at the reported remarks," HuaAn said in a statement.

The statement followed viral screenshots posted by netizens on China's Sina Weibo, showing that a Facebook user named and identified as Chang Wei-Ching slandered the Chinese mainland frequently.

In a late-night announcement, the firm said it notified Chang on Tuesday on the termination of her contract.

Chang, who comes from China's Taiwan island, has worked as a lecturer in HuaAn for many years. According to an online poster, she is the chief investment lecturer of the fund company. 

She was slammed by netizens on Tuesday for constantly insulting the Chinese mainland. There have now been calls for her to be shown the door by HuaAn. 

The netizens felt insulted by Chang's comments referring to the Chinese mainland as "the occupied area," and her stance of supporting separating Taiwan from China. Chang also mocked Chinese mainlanders for boycotting H&M and Nike for the Western brands' discrimination of Xinjiang cotton. 

The Global Times reporter could not find the alleged Facebook account of Chang as of press time.

And, Hubei provincial branch of Bank of Communications reportedly cancelled Chang's live-streaming lecture, scheduled on April 1.

Global Times

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