China issues white paper on poverty alleviation to share experiences in eradicating extreme poverty
Published: Apr 06, 2021 10:01 AM
Photo: Hu Yuwei/GT

Photo: Hu Yuwei/GT

China is ready to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries on poverty reduction, support international poverty reduction, and make a greater contribution to building a global community of shared future, free from poverty and blessed with common prosperity, according to a white paper on poverty reduction released on Tuesday morning by the State Council Information Office. 

Titled "Poverty Alleviation: China's Experience and Contribution," the white paper illustrates the course of the Chinese people's great fight in eliminating extreme poverty under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), introduces China's innovative approach, and shares China's experience and actions in poverty alleviation.

The white paper has five chapters, starting with an explanation of the solemn commitment of the CPC to lead the Chinese people out of poverty in its 100 years' journey, and continues with a detailed account of the strategy of targeted poverty alleviation and China's willingness to advance in the global cause of poverty alleviation.

"China cannot develop in isolation from the rest of the world and the world needs China for further development. With this in mind, China has always been a builder of global peace, a contributor to global growth and a guardian of international order," states the white paper.

Analysts pointed out that China's pledge to be more open and contribute to a better world has important significance amid the growing isolationism advocated by some countries.

"In the fight against poverty, the CPC has always played a strong leading role, mobilizing the resources in an organizational system to ensure a successful fight against poverty," Song Guiwu, a professor at Gansu's Provincial Party School, told the Global Times. 

Its working mechanism is that the central government is responsible for resource pooling, fund preparation, policy formulation and setting assessment standards, while governments at all levels are responsible for project implementation, manpower and fund allocation, Song noted.

Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, chairman of The Kuhn Foundation and recipient of the China Reform Friendship Medal, told the Global Times that "the common root of China winning the war to contain the contagious COVID-19 and China winning the war to eradicate extreme poverty, is the CPC's leadership and organizational capacity."

The white paper was released more than one month after China declared a complete victory eradicating poverty in China during the national commendation conference held back in February. It was a milestone that marked China's embarking in a new development phase. By 2050, China will become a great modern socialist country in every dimension, achieving the Second Centenary Goal. 

Shouldering responsibility of a major country

To improve the wellbeing of people all over the world, China has taken an active part in global poverty management, furthered exchanges and cooperation with other countries, and promoted a new model of international exchanges and cooperation on poverty reduction with mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation at its core, the white paper indicates.

China has launched the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to expand deep and high-level regional cooperation on economic and social development. According to a World Bank study, the initiative will help lift 7.6 million people out of extreme poverty and 32 million out of moderate poverty in participating countries. 

"One of all successes brought about by the CPC is the BRI. Working in close collaboration with local governments, the Chinese government finances infrastructure projects to connect previously disconnected communities in underdeveloped regions. A project of this scale has never been seen before in human history. The BRI is living proof of the sincerity of the internationalist values behind the CPC," a Communist youth organizer and a political observer from the US who declined to be named told the Global Times.

In Asia, China and member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN),have jointly launched a rural poverty reduction plan and carried out the East Asia Poverty Reduction Demonstration Cooperation Technical Assistance Projects program in rural communities in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. In Africa, China has helped partner countries to improve infrastructure, provide aid, and set up vocational and technical schools among other projects. In Latin America, China has built agricultural technology demonstration centers to help locals lift  from poverty, reads the white paper.

Achievements of China's Poverty Alleviation Infographic: Deng Zijun/GT

Achievements of China's Poverty Alleviation Infographic: Deng Zijun/GT

The Global Times once participated in a seminar for village leaders from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar where useful experiences were shared with on-site investigation.

Its successful pathway of poverty alleviation offers China's rich experience to the world, especially to developing countries, Observers said. 

Specifically, it makes best use of the advantages of the socialist system which enable efficient decision making, organize effectively and concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings. It also introduces targeted poverty alleviation initiatives which merge poverty alleviation resources to make better use of funds and resources, and adopt targeted measures to ensure that assistance reaches poor villages and households, Song suggested.

"Moreover, it shows how the Chinese government ensures multiple financing sources for poverty alleviation through increasing government investments and stimulating capital markets to attract non-governmental funding into the cause. The sound supervisory system of the CPC, which adopts strict criteria to evaluate every achievement in poverty alleviation, also paves the way for a successful experience," Song said. 

"Poverty alleviation and the modernization of China are remarkable accomplishments, especially given the complex and difficult international political environment of the past decades. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, the country has become united, and it has focused first and foremost on raising the living standards of the Chinese people," Brian Becker, a foreign affairs analyst and Executive Director of the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (A.N.S.W.E.R.) in the US, told the Global Times.

While some Western media outlets keep smearing China's poverty alleviation campaign and questioned whether this can be maintained, the white paper stated detailed plans to guarantee the goals on poverty alleviation.

"Counties have been given a five year period of grace from the day they emerged from poverty. During this period, they will continue to be covered by the main support policies, which will be adjusted and optimized by category," said the paper.