Chinese netizens express high anticipation for Sohu TV’s new romance drama ‘Mysterious Love’
Published: Apr 07, 2021 12:48 PM
Promotional material of the drama Photo: Courtesy of Sohu

Promotional material of the drama Photo: Courtesy of Sohu

A new romantic web drama will be released on Chinese video platform Sohu on April 15, according to a new trailer for the show, whose cast has ignited high anticipation among Chinese netizens. 

The 16-episode drama Mysterious Love, starring young actor Cao Youning and actress Yu Yue, is an adaptation of a popular online romance novel and tells the tale of Ruan Nianchu, an actress, and Li Teng, a man whose job has not yet been revealed by the show.

Five years ago, Li saved Ruan's life and the two fell in love, but certain life choices eventually separate the two. 

During the time of the show, the two meet again after five long years and once again fall in love. 

Promotional material Photo: Courtesy of Sohu

Promotional material Photo: Courtesy of Sohu

Unlike other romantic dramas, the story is set against a backdrop of numerous crises with elements of suspense and adventure. Another couple who follows their own plotlines also enrich the drama.

Chinese netizens expressed excitement after the release of the trailer, with many noting they expect a lot of the show. "The lead actor and actress look like what I imagined to the lead characters in the novel. Hope these young performers can act well," one Sina Weibo user commented.

Some fans of the original novel expressed the hope that the performers will be able to embody the characters from the novel on the small screen.