China to air first TV series about nation’s PLA Rocket Force
Published: Apr 12, 2021 06:53 PM
Chinese actor Li Yifeng 
Photo: Courtesy of Xiao You

Chinese actor Li Yifeng Photo: Courtesy of Xiao You

The first TV series about China's PLA Rocket Force is set to air on Chinese satellite TV stations and streaming platform Youku starting Monday. The name of the drama Haoshoujiuwei, which literaly means "bugler in position," is a term that is widely used among PLA rocket force soldiers to warn others in the team that rockets will soon be launched.  

Starring top Chinese stars like Li Yifeng, Zhang Xinyu and Xiao Yang, the drama, which is adapted from a novel by writer Feng Jie, tells the story of four university students who join the military to chase their dreams of becoming great soldiers. 

The drama has been long anticipated by audiences. On China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo, the hashtag for the show has earned more than 290 million views. 

Wang Yongxiao, head of the PLA Rocket Force's PR department, told media that the TV drama is sure to help the public learn more about China's PLA Rocket Force, which is something many of its members look forward to seeing. 

Thanks to its powerful DF-series of missiles, the force is known around the world as a key part of China's national defense and security. 

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