Experimental Jazzy music video starring famous Chinese rocker Cuijian reflects on post-pandemic life
Published: Apr 14, 2021 07:46 PM
A screenshot of Jazz artist Luo Ning plays in the MV. Photo: Courtesy for Bi

A screenshot of Jazz artist Luo Ning plays in the MV. Photo: Courtesy for Bi

A new music video featuring a genre crossover among Chinese jazz, rock and classical musicians held its premiere in Beijing on Wednesday. As an "experiment" aimed at showing these artists' thoughts about post-pandemic life, the music video fuses musical improvisation and experimental visual elements into a work that tastes of art surrealism.  

"The Continuation of the Breath" focuses on concepts such as "life" and "culture and civilization." Acclaimed Chinese jazz pianist Luo Ning - who is also the music video's main organizer - appears first in the video to establish a melancholy mood as images from outer space are shown. Cello artist Qin Liwei kicks in after that to bring the sense of solemnity of classic music to the piece along with images of nature and global cultural symbols such as forests and the Pyramids. 

Cuijian, one of China's most iconic rocker-slash-trumpeters, wrapped up the work by improvising a solo whose intense and regular tempo along with the buzzing of the trumpet inspired viewers to think about life and the value of culture post-pandemic. 

Helmed by young director Yang Zhuoyuan, the music video featured rough hand-drawn illustrations that suggest cultural elements such as Mayan symbols layered over footage of the real world to create a surrealist experience. 

"The visual conflict [between the drawings and real footage] was created to inspire audiences to think about what culture really means to them when they see old symbols of civilizations overlaid on contemporary achievements and discoveries," an art critic at the event told the Global Times on Wednesday. 

"I was inspired to create this work during the lockdown. It shows artists' concern for the world and life," Luo said at the event.