Women protest quality issues involving Tesla vehicles at Shanghai automobile fair
Published: Apr 19, 2021 02:51 PM


Two women protested at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition on Monday, and eyewitnesses claimed they aired grievances about poor quality of their bought Tesla cars.

One woman stepped onto a model Tesla vehicle on site, and shouted "Tesla brake's failure." She was removed from the exhibition by guards shortly after. 

The incident happened shortly after the Shanghai auto fair was launched on Monday. Both women were wearing white T-shirts printed with words "Tesla brake failure", along with a Tesla logo. And, the woman who stood on top of one of the exhibited model, shouted "Tesla brake failed me" repeatedly, before she was taken away from the exhibition by guards.

The police said that the woman was taken to a local police station for questioning. Tesla booth was later cordoned off, and was protected by about 10 guards, according to media reports. 

A Tesla representative told the media that "police is supposedly investigating in the case."

The incident was the latest in a flurry of protests against Tesla's defective vehicle parts, especially its brake system. Earlier in March, a car owner in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan Province, printed "Tesla brake failure" on her Tesla car, while protesting in front of a local Tesla store, chanting repeatedly that Tesla's defective brake almost killed her family.

According to public information platform, there have been five recall incidents related with Tesla cars over quality glitches, including imported vehicles Model-S and Model-X.

And, a few Chinese consumers have complained Tesla vehicles suddenly losing control while moving on the road. 

In February, China's top market regulator summoned Tesla for a talk over recent rising consumer complaints, including unexpected accelerations, battery fires and abnormal over-the-air (OTA) upgrades. The regulator called the US' premium electric car maker to abide by Chinese laws and rules and uphold consumers' legitimate rights and interests.