One person died after a Tesla reportedly lost control and caught fire in South China
Published: Apr 21, 2021 03:08 PM
photo: web

photo: web

A car accident reportedly involving a Tesla leading to one passenger dead surfaced online on Wednesday, raising more concerns over the quality control issues of the US car maker.

The traffic accident occurred in the north of Dongjiang Avenue, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou on April 13, according to a statement released by Zengcheng public security bureau on Wednesday. A car caught fire after colliding with the cement barrier on the right side of the road and another car, leading to one passenger dead, said the statement.

The statement echoed an earlier video online which claimed that a Telsa was involved in a serious accident on the above-mentioned road.

The video showed a Tesla car in the process of overtaking another car, hit the roadside cement bridge and caught fire, causing severe damage to the car. According to the image of the online vehicle recorder, the incident happened on April 17.

A Tesla representative confirmed with Nanfang Metropolis Daily that the accident did happen and that Tesla is in cooperation with the traffic police for further investigation.

The US electric car producer was put under the media blowtorch over recent days for quality control issues.