Belt and Road Initiative is not ‘debt trap’: Foreign Ministry
Published: Apr 21, 2021 06:48 PM
Wang Wenbin File Photo: FM

Wang Wenbin File Photo: FM


Many facts have proved the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is not "debt trap" as alleged, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbing at a news briefing on Wednesday, in response to articles by Fiji government policy adviser and scholar Joseph Veramu, who recently made positive comments on the BRI.

In the articles, Veramu comprehensively sorted out the fruitful results of practical cooperation between China and Pacific island countries in various fields under the framework of the BRI, and he refuted some Western politicians' baseless accusations and false assertions about the iconic infrastructure initiative.

Wang said the many facts have proved that the BRI is an international public good that meets the actual needs of the island countries.

The BRI is an open and inclusive economic initiative and a practical cooperation project aimed at promoting people's living standards and help build up welfare society on the islands, and it is by no means the alleged "debt trap" or "geopolitical tool" forced by China on other countries, Wang said.

Wang said that China will continue to promote the BRI with all parties including the Pacific island countries to achieve poverty reduction and set them on a "road of growth".