China-Germany governmental talk to take place Wednesday to build up cooperation: FM
Published: Apr 27, 2021 05:08 PM
Wang Wenbin File Photo: FM

Wang Wenbin File Photo: FM

China and Germany are to hold the sixth round of governmental talks on Wednesday, a demonstration of enhanced mutual trust and higher level of cooperation, China's Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. 

The talk will discuss and promote practical cooperation content between the two important countries, and solidify the foundations of China-Germany cooperation and partnership. 

According to the Foreign Ministry, since 2020, China and Germany have been working hard to overcome the fallout of COVID-19, and have achieved positive development in many fronts. The two countries have held several meetings over phone or video, building up their bilateral political relationship despite the pandemic. 

During the upcoming talks, the two countries' government leaders will discuss related issues concerning China-Germany relations as well as China-EU relations. Economic representatives from the two countries are also expected to exchange views. 

"China and Germany are both responsible and influential countries in the world, and ought to deepen cooperation and promote the strategic partnership between China and the EU," a spokesperson from China's Foreign Ministry said. 

Global Times