Original Chinese musical to tell story of Beijing at Poly Theater
Published: May 09, 2021 05:38 PM
Actors rehearse for the musical <em>Beijing Story</em>. Photo: Courtesy of Ye Zi

Actors rehearse for the musical Beijing Story. Photo: Courtesy of Ye Zi

A new original musical about a group of urban women will be staged at Beijing's Poly Theater from June 19 to 22. 

Supported by China Literature and Art Foundation and Beijing Culture and Arts Fund, Beijing Story aims to show how Beijing locals deal with life and career troubles as well as chase their dreams.  

According to the show's director Guo Zhen, these middle-aged women, just like those living among us today, seek to discover themselves after dedicating so many years to their families. 

"They, nearly in their 50s, need courage and support from family and society," said the director, adding that he hopes the show will inspire audiences to show understanding and support to this group. 

Li Yanan, the musical's scriptwriter, said she hopes to inspire more middle-aged women to discover themselves. 

"I hope they gather the courage to fulfill their dreams and be themselves. They are already under too much pressure. The musical wants to promote support and understanding toward them."