US-led talks on Xinjiang desecrate UN: FM
Published: May 10, 2021 11:37 PM
People in Kuqa county in Xinjiang hold a warm welcome ceremony for tourists with singing and dancing on July 11, 2019. Photo: IC

People in Kuqa county in Xinjiang hold a warm welcome ceremony for tourists with singing and dancing on July 11, 2019. Photo: IC

The US, together with a few other countries, is using the venues of the UN to hype topics of China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a move that has nothing to do with the UN but only "desecrates it," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson and a member of the UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee said about an online event planned by Germany, the US and the UK on the so-called "repression" of Uygurs in Xinjiang.

By colluding with a small group of countries and using the platform of the UN to hype topics on China's Xinjiang region, the US and its gang members are desecrating the UN and abusing the UN's platform to smear China and serve their political purposes, Hua Chunying, spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, told a press conference on Monday. 

In recent days, some Western media hyped that China has tried to "scupper a UN talk on the plight" of the Uygurs. On Saturday, Reuters reported that China has urged UN member states not to attend a virtual event held by some Permanent Missions of Member States to the UN, including the US, the UK and Germany, on the human rights situation in Xinjiang

The ambassadors of the US, Germany and Britain are "due to address the UN event," along with Human Rights Watch Executive Director Ken Roth and Amnesty International Secretary General Agnes Callamard, according to the Reuters report. 

Hua noted that the US' attempt to gang up with Britain and Germany to use the UN's venues to hype Xinjiang-related topics reminds people of a similar farce staged by the former US representative to the UN Kelly Craft. In January, Craft abused her power to sneak into the UN Hall and have her talks with some students from the Taiwan island recorded. 

The Wednesday "event" has nothing to do with the UN and it is more like another self-staged political performance of the US by using the name of the UN to resonate with recent Western hyping of topics on China's Xinjiang, Liu Xinsheng, a member of the UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee and former Chinese ambassador to Cyprus, told the Global Times.

As a former diplomat, Liu noted that it is a necessary and natural diplomatic move for the Chinese Mission to send notes to state members and to show China's stance. Some Western media's hyping of the note is also malicious. 

Few countries would be fooled by the US and its "gang members," and they would not be engaged in these activities, Liu said, noting that as for the NGOs that participated in the event, their US background and tricks of cooperating with it to suppress developing countries have been fully exposed again. 

The US ignored the fact that it has killed millions of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and made numerous people homeless. It is hypocritical for it to rack its brains to tell lies on human rights issues related to China's Xinjiang, Hua said. 

Fewer than 20 fake witnesses or fake scholars have appeared repeatedly in almost all the lies told by the US about Xinjiang. Representatives from the Xinjiang region that came to press conferences, and scholars and individuals from the international community who stood out to expose lies, have far outnumbered the liars, Hua said. 

Hua also pointed out at the Monday press conference that recently, more objective and fair voices on the truth of Xinjiang from the international community came out, which shows that justice is borne in people's hearts.

The spokesperson mentioned two articles that were recently released by a Nordic organization and a US-based website. They both pointed out that the US accusing China of committing "genocide" in its Xinjiang region lacks evidence and is not made out of protection for human rights but geopolitical motives. 

An analysis report, which was compiled by the Sweden-based Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research (TFF), said that a US think tank's report accusing China of "genocide" of the Uygurs is "haphazardly edited" propaganda produced from a "biased selection of sources and expertise," which represents "near-governmental rather than non-governmental" interests.

US-based website also released an article on April 23, which noted that the sudden flurry of US interest in the fate of the Uyhur people seems less motivated by compassion or the protection of human rights than lifted from the most cynical pages of the Machiavellian playbook of geopolitics.