Alibaba registers ‘lie down’ trademarks, to echo Z-generation’s pursuit of easier lifestyle
Published: May 31, 2021 04:43 PM
Photo: GT

Photo: GT

China's tech giant Alibaba has registered trademarks related to "lie down" since 2018, the Global Times learned, after the word of "lie down" - a metaphor of a new lifestyle that bucks oppressive work culture - has gained popularity among the Z-generation in the country.

According to public information platform, Alibaba has registered trademarks pertaining to "lie down" for 91 times, and 56 of them have been successfully registered, covering ads sales, website service, telecommunication, education, entertainment, equipment and daily chemical products. 

In May 2019, a home decoration app named "lie down" developed by Alibaba went online, providing users with interior decoration information, home accessories and home stay recommendations. 

In recent days, discussion about the "lie down" new culture has topped China's social network platforms. Young people are embracing the word as an alternative way of living which contrasts to the hectic pace of life for those trying to succeed professionally. 

The word alludes to young people seeking to "lie down," do nothing and only work when they don't have money for a living, rather than pursuing pragmatic goals such as career success, getting married and owning their own homes in cities.

However, such philosophy has sparked a controversy online, with some criticizing that the philosophy reflects a lack of positive spirit that could deprive China of the vitality for development and innovation over the long haul. 

Global Times