Chinese diplomat urges US firms to 'confidently' tell China-US win-win cooperation story
Published: May 31, 2021 11:20 PM
China US

China US

A Chinese diplomat urged US companies to "confidently" tell the story of win-win cooperation between China and the US, as the world's two biggest economies are locked in a trade and technology war.

In a meeting with the head of Disney in China, Xie Feng, China’s Vice Foreign Minister, said that it’s hoped that Disney, among other US firms in China, can confidently tell the story of win-win China-US cooperation, according to a statement published by the Foreign Ministry on Monday. 
“The relationship between China and the US is at a critical crossroads,” said Xie, adding that sound bilateral ties are also in the interest of all sectors in the two countries, including the business community. 

It is in the interest of both China and the US - as well as the expectation of the world to promote the sound and stable development of China-US relationship, Xie said during the meeting with the President of Shanghai Disney Resort, Joe Schott.

Analysts said that the statement from the senior Chinese official shows China’s consistent welcoming attitude for foreign firms to share the potential of the Chinese market, while also sending a signal to US firms in China to facilitate bilateral ties rather than being hijacked by politics.

Xie further said that the two sides should follow the spirit of discussion between the two heads of state, strengthen dialogue and communication, expand pragmatic cooperation, properly manage differences, avoid conflict and confrontation, and push China-US relations back on the right track, according to the statement.

Joe Schott expressed his gratitude for the support and assistance provided by the Chinese side to Disney's operations in China, especially the efforts to allow personnel to come to China during the epidemic.

The Shanghai site was Disneyland's first resort in the world to resume business after a shutdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

The senior executive added that Disney is willing to share its own development experience in China by being a narrator, communicator, and promoter of US-China friendship and strive to improve the understanding of China from all walks of life in the US.

The meeting also comes as Chinese Vice Premier, Liu He, and US Trade Representative, Katherine Tai, held a conversation over the phone on Thursday on what both described as “candid, pragmatic” talks in their first meeting under the Biden presidency, sending a positive signal that the world's two biggest economies are restarting communication amid growing uncertainties and lingering disputes over a wide range of issues.

Trade numbers also show that economic relations continue despite political chills. In the past four months, China’s trade with the US rose 50.3 percent year-on-year to 1.44 trillion yuan ($222.8 billion), making the US its third largest trading partner after the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and EU economies.

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