Five sculptures in Beijing depict a century of CPC history
Published: Jun 20, 2021 07:13 PM
Sculpture flag Photo: Courtesy for the exhibition

Sculpture flag Photo: Courtesy for the exhibition

Five sculptures marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) went is displaying in Beijing on Saturday. 

The five sculptures embrace themes such as "flag," "belief" and "great work" to express the CPC's core values and spirit. 

Flag, an amplified sculpture of the CPC flag, is 7.1 meters high, 21 meters long and symbolizes the memorable date of July 1, 1921, the day the party was founded.

"The flag sculpture is a pure vivid red color and looks grand. Red symbolizes dedication; it commemorates the selfless ones who sacrificed themselves for the country," Lei Lin, an art expert, told the Global Times on Sunday. 

Another sculpture, Belief, portrays 71 figures from different backgrounds and periods as they swear an oath in join the CPC. It was created to depict the development of China over the decades.

"The pure white color of the sculpture also suggests the purity of people's belief in the CPC," Lei emphasized.  

Besides showing China's courage and resilience in tackling difficult challenges such as poverty alleviation, another sculpture, Great Work, introduces China's cultural, economic and technological confidence and achievements over the past years. The work portrays 65 characters including Chinese intellectuals, entrepreneurs and agricultural workers. The final work Dream Chasing shows 73 characters from different ethnic groups coming together to hope for a better future for the country. 

The five sculptures were co-created by China's top arts academies, including the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the China Academy of Art, the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, the LuXun Academy of Fine Arts and the National Art Museum of China.