Chinese products brought to space spark online discussion, including Huawei mobile phone, Lenovo ThinkPad
Published: Jun 24, 2021 03:18 PM
Screenshot of CCTV live streamming

Screenshot of CCTV live streamming

Although the real-time video dialogue between the sky and the Earth on Wednesday involving three Chinese astronauts on the Shenzhou-12 spacecraft was exciting enough, observant Chinese netizens are more willing to explore the same products used in space that they are able to own via a livestreaming video.

Netizens have found that the electronic devices brought to China's Tiangong space station and Shenzhou-12 capsule are all produced by Chinese companies. The topic "daily life of Chinese astronauts" had 240 million views on Sina Weibo by Thursday. 

Various devices including a Huawei P30 mobile phone, Lenovo ThinkPad laptop and Xiaomi electronic screwdriver can be seen clearly in the livestream, released on Wednesday. 

Mobile phones, tablets are connected to Wi-Fi with a downlink rate of 1.2 gigabits per second, which is equivalent to 5G speeds on the ground. 

While China's space station has realized network coverage with fast speed, London's underground will have network supporting 4G and 5G rollout by 2024. And Transport for London hopes the first fully connected stations will be ready by the end of 2022, BBC reported.

Some small devices such as a bone conduction headset made by AfterShokz and Huawei FreeBuds didn't escape the eyes of observant netizens. 

Besides the electronic devices, refrigerators made by Chinese home appliance company Haier took off with the Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft. Microwave ovens made by Galanz also made the trip, media reported. 

Chinese watch brand Fiyta, which joined China's space mission starting with the launch of the Shenzhou-5 manned spacecraft in 2003, again supported the Shenzhou-12. 

The clothes and sleeping bags for the astronauts were developed by outdoor sportswear maker Toread.

During the three-month mission, astronauts will be provided with more than 120 recipes, which include noodles with shredded pork and bamboo shoots, fish-flavored pork slices, beef tenderloin with black pepper, and apples.

Apples defeated oranges to be the only fruit sent into space, which became a hot topic on Sina Weibo, attracting 130 million discussions as of Thursday.

Chinese netizens said that apples are the most affordable products they can immediately have that were brought to the space station.

Apart from the products that can be seen, other core products such as computers, operating systems (OS) and robot arms were all developed and manufactured by Chinese enterprises.

For example, the Kylin OS replaced a Western system on the Chinese space station.

"A small step forward in space technology is a big step forward in the development and progress of China's industrial manufacturing. In particular, the visual effect of every movement in the astronaut cabin is very clear in the latest space mission. 

"This is actually big progress made by Chinese companies after years of research and development," said Qi Haishen, president of THE-Solar Tech Co.