Men sentenced to 10 years for robbing $15 worth of jade
Published: Jun 24, 2021 07:23 PM

Photo: Screenshot of a video posted by Feng Video

Photo: Screenshot of a video posted by Feng Video

Four men from North China's Shanxi Province were sentenced up to 10 years after they robbed a piece of jade pendant, which they thought was a treasure but turned out to be worth only 100 yuan ($15). 

The robbery happened in August 2020 on a train heading to Beijing where the victim, surnamed Wang, initially wanted to sell the jade in partnership with the four criminals.

But the other four guys had a different plan. They drugged Wang using a medicine with strong hypnotic effect and, while Wang was unconscious, took away the jade. Then the four criminals got off the train. 

Two days later, they were caught by the Taiyuan railway police.

To their surprise, they were told that the jade that they had robbed, after a careful layout, was only worth 100 yuan after evaluation, not even close to the amount of the value they had expected the jade to be worth.  

The four were sentenced to prison ranging from five years to 10 years and a half.