Software fined for unfair competition on Tencent’s WeChat
Published: Jul 18, 2021 04:33 PM
WeChat Photo:VCG

WeChat Photo:VCG

A software designed to help users obtain WeChat red packet automatically was fined 4.75 million yuan ($733,000) for unfair competition, following a court ruling on a lawsuit filed by WeChat's owner Tencent. 

The developer and operator of the software, Shenzhen Top View Technology Co and Zhuoyi XunchangTechnology Co, which provided a download platform, were sued by Tencent technology at the Beijing Intellectual Property Court for unfair competition.

The court ruled that the software developed by Shenzhen Top View Technology Co had led to unfair competition and damaged the normal operation of network products or services legally provided by other operators.

After installation, the software can identify and obtain red packets automatically without any manual action by users. It has not only undermined the functions of WeChat red packets but also damaged the competitive advantage and user experience of WeChat software, the court said.

Global Times