Update: Internet firms rush to offer donations totaling $145 million to help Henan flood victims
Published: Jul 21, 2021 10:48 AM


The torrential rainstorm and subsequent flooding in Central China's Henan Province prompted a flurry of Chinese internet firms to give a helping hand to local residents, including donating money, providing essential items to combat the natural disaster that has forced main roads to close and flights canceled in over a dozen cities in the province.

Around 10 leading IT firms in China have so far extended their helping hand at such an emergency moment that have aroused much attention from across the country, with their total donations reaching 940 million yuan ($145 million).

In a quick response, Tencent Charity Foundation announced Wednesday a donation of 100 million yuan ($15.42 million), which will be used to ensure the personal safety of local people and purchase of disaster relief materials. It has also urgently mobilized other products and personnel and other resources to help the local government to fight the disaster.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi said Wednesday its charity foundation will make a donation of 50 million yuan to Henan Province.

Alibaba announced Wednesday that Alibaba Foundation will increase its donations to 100 million yuan, in addition to 50 million yuan from Jack Ma Foundation.

Ant Group, the financial offshoot of Alibaba, said it will donate 100 million yuan alone.

Beyond donations, Alibaba's subsidiaries including map provider Gaode, logistics network operator Cainiao and grocery shopping unit MMC have joined the rescue efforts. MMC's Henan network provided 450,000 essential items including vegetables, grain and edible oil to 7,000 communities and 21,000 groups in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan, for free.

Baidu has donated 90 million yuan toward the disaster relief efforts for flood-stricken Henan province in China. Emergency rainstorm assistance functions have been added onto Baidu's products - such as Baidu App - to aid the people during this critical moment.

Short-video platform Douyin, owned by internet giant ByteDance, said that it has opened a mutual assistance channel to help people who are trapped by the flood in the province.

ByteDance said it will donate 100 million yuan to provide aid for children in local child assistance stations, orphanages and resettlement sites.

Riding-hailing company Didi said Wednesday that it has organized a fleet for rescue in Zhengzhou and donated 100 million yuan to help the province.

Online food delivery giant Meituan has donated 630,000 essential items including purified water, rice, flour, grain and oil to the flood control headquarters in Zhengzhou, in addition to a 100 million yuan donation.

At least 12 people died from torrential rains in Zhengzhou as of early Wednesday, according to a report by the People's Daily. Around 100,000 residents have been relocated, and local emergency response level for the flood has been raised to level I, following the heaviest rainfall in more than 60 years.

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