Scenic spots across China introduce favorable ticket policy for tourists supporting domestic brands
Published: Jul 27, 2021 11:58 AM
Erke Photo: CFP

Erke Photo: CFP

Multiple scenic spots across China have announced that tourists wearing domestic brands such as Erke will be free of charge for tickets, local media reported on Monday.

Several scenic spots across China including Hangzhou in East China's Zhejiang Province, Wuyuan in East China's Jiangxi Province, and Huanggang in Central China's Hubei Province along with other local cultural and tourism departments in Central China's Hunan Province have announced that tourists wearing products from domestic brand Erke will enjoy reduced price even free of charge for tickets, the reported on Monday. 

This move came after Chinese domestic sportswear company Erke's donation of 50 million yuan ($7.74 million) to Central China's Henan Province which has been suffering from flooding after an unprecedented rainfall. Chinese netizens were deeply moved by Erke's generosity and vowed to support the company and buy more of its products because the company itself has been experiencing hardship in operation as well. 

Seven scenic spots in Pingjiang County, Central China's Hunan Province actively proposed to the local culture and tourism department to offer discounts to tourists wearing domestic clothing brands such as Erke and Guirenniao and supporting domestic food and drink brands such as Chinese juice giant Huiyuan and Henan based Baixiang Food, as these home brands have made generous donations to Henan Province which has impressed Chinese netizens, per media reports. 

Erke posted a statement on its official Douyin account on Sunday saying that stock is in short supply due to the overwhelming support shown by consumers, and the company would try the best to keep up with the shipping and also reminded consumers to not stretch their budgets too much and be aware of fake products. 

According to the statistics provided by Chinese ecommerce platform, Erke's sales on Friday witnessed a 52-time spike. Statistics showed that the sales during Erke's Douyin livestreaming on Saturday afternoon exceeded 100 million yuan, with a total sales volume of over 600,000, Changjiang Times reported on Monday. 

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