Laos: Don't politicise vaccines, Covid-19 origin tracing
Published: Jul 29, 2021 10:06 PM
coronavirus Photo:VCG

coronavirus Photo:VCG

The Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that politicisation of vaccines or the origin tracing of Covid-19 virus should be avoided.

In a statement dated last Thursday (July 22), a spokesperson for the ministry called for "concerted and genuine cooperation and partnership among nations across the world," especially in the face of the current wave of outbreak in which Covid-19 mutation has become more contagious and resistant to available vaccines.

"In this context, genuine cooperation should be strongly promoted through development and production of vaccines and medicines," the spokesperson said, adding that "politicisation of vaccines or the origin-tracing of Covid-19 virus should be avoided, as it is a complex scientific matter that requires objective, transparent, inclusive and purely scientific based efforts."

"Only through multilateral cooperation, all nations, especially developing countries, would be able to have equal access to vaccines and medicines and thus Covid-19 would be defeated," the spokesperson said.

"Lao People's Democratic Republic stands ready to support and contribute to this endeavour," the spokesperson added.
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