Chinese netizens condemn Australian athletes’ ‘disgraceful’ exit from Tokyo
Published: Aug 04, 2021 06:04 PM
Australian athletes Photo: Sina Weibo

Australian athletes Photo: Sina Weibo

 The hashtag “Australian athletes’ disgraceful exit from Tokyo” began trending on Chinese social media on Wednesday after news hit that some Australian athletes at the Olympic Games damaged beds at the athletes’ village, stole mascots, put holes through a wall and caused chaos on a flight back home.

Australian team chef de mission Ian Chesterman said no disciplinary action would be taken after they apologized for damaging the room, Reuters reported on Tuesday. 

“This not only reflects the quality of the athletes, but also reflects the quality and attitude of the country. Regardless of the conditions provided by the Olympic Village, the athletes should take care of themselves. This is not the behavior that athletes should have,” one netizen wrote on Sina Weibo.

“These are the people from a so-called free and democratic country,” another netizen mocked on Sina Weibo. 

Not only Chinese netizens but many net users abroad criticized the athletes’ behavior on Twitter. 
“Where are their manners? They got to their accommodation in clean condition and the least they can do is not make it into a pig sty,” one netizen wrote on Twitter. 

“Make them pay for the replacement of damage and cleaning fees, and charge them when they arrive home,” another netizen commented on Twitter.

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