Professor shares conference look amid home quarantine
Published: Aug 17, 2021 07:12 PM
Photo: Screenshot of Peng Kaiping's post on Sina Weibo

Photo: Screenshot of Peng Kaiping's post on Sina Weibo

Suit, tie, shirt, but shorts- a professor from Tsinghua University in Beijing shared on social media his look for online conferences while going through quarantine at home amid Beijing's latest outbreak.

Peng Kaiping, dean of The School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, made a post on Sina Weibo on August 11 telling his experience of home isolation and shared a photo of what he is wearing when remotely working. 

In the photo, he neatly wears a suit and tie with shirt on the upper body that faces his laptop camera, while wearing red shorts at the lower body, out off the view of the camera. 

He noted in the post that he had used this look for many online meetings and even hosting an international conference with 400,000 attendants. 

Peng was asked to go through a two-week self-quarantine after he indirectly came into contact with a COVID-19 patient on July 26 in Beijing. He finished his isolation on August 11.