China’s state railway denies cutting off freight operation to Lithuania
Published: Aug 18, 2021 11:13 AM
A China-Europe freight train (Zhengzhou) Photo: cnsphoto

A China-Europe freight train (Zhengzhou) Photo: cnsphoto

China's state railway operator on Wednesday denied media reports claiming the China-Europe freight train service will be suspended for the clients in Lithuania. 

This comes after the Central News Agency of the Taiwan island reports that China Railway Container Transport Co (CRCT), a subsidiary of China Railway Group, informed its clients in Lithuania that it is to suspend fright operation from the end of August and September due to deteriorating relationship between China and Lithuania.

China Railway Group denied the media report when speaking to the Global Times on Wednesday. 

Earlier, Beijing announced it will recall Chinese ambassador to Lithuania and require that the Lithuanian government recall its ambassador to China, as a countermeasure in response to the Baltic country's act to allow the separatist Taiwan authorities to open a "representative office" under the name of "Taiwan."

Global Times