Baidu launches L5 self-driving robocar claiming its vision for intelligent vehicles of the future
Published: Aug 18, 2021 12:13 PM
Baidu Apollo self-driving robot vehicle

Baidu "Apollo" self-driving robot vehicle

Li Yanhong, also known as Robin Li, CEO and founder of Chinese tech giant Baidu, launched a robot vehicle during Baidu World conference on Wednesday. 

Li said the robocar has improved auto-pilot functionality, which may operate more safely than vehicles controlled by human drivers.

Baidu's robocar doesn't have seat for driver, with seating space provided only for passengers. The artificial intelligent installed in the vehicle can help passengers arrange their schedules and booking hotel and flight tickets conveniently.

The newly launched auto-pilot vehicle includes L5 level of autonomous driving functionality, which means the vehicle doesn't need human to operate, while it could be safer than human drivers. In addition, the robocar is equipped with multiple interaction techniques including voice control and face recognition to analyze passenger needs.  

Li also stated that the robocar is an intelligent learner that can improve itself in different driving scenarios.

Global Times