Private tutoring businesses are discharging employees, new job hunting getting competitive
Published: Aug 19, 2021 12:16 AM
Photo: VCG

Photo: VCG

Among the job seekers from for-profit tutoring firms in China, figures show around half have left the industry in July after Chinese authorities introduced sweeping measures to rebalance competition in the industry and ease the burden on Chinese students and families.

Last month, 51.4 percent of the former tutors seeking work had left their positions at private education firms, higher than the average (44.7 percent), Chinese major job hunting platform Zhilian Zhaopin told the Global Times.

Amid tightening regulations, Chinese for-profit tutoring giants are downsizing their workforce after suffering from cratering stock prices.

"The initial manifestation is the shrinking recruiting scale," Zhilian Zhaopin noted. Unlike other industries on the platform, the number of job posts in private tutoring dropped 9 percent in June and 6.5 percent in July.

Demand for tutors dropped in first-tier cities, as the metropolitan cities are always large markets for private education businesses due to a concentration of higher disposable income there. For instance, the jobs in Beijing's for-profit tutoring industry dived 49.3 percent from March to July.

However, there remain some people who want to stay in the industry.

Among the job seekers in the private education sector, 61.6 percent wish to work in the same industry and are not considering a shift to other industries, according to the platform. The current ratio was even higher than that in March with 57.7 percent.

"On one hand, the policy enforcement is at early stage, leaving many within the industry taking a wait and see approach," Zhilian Zhaopin said. On the other hand, some education and vocational training organizations have the confidence in the sector, as they believe education will always remain fundamental to the success of a nation.

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