Chinese NEV startup Xpeng launches self-developed mountable horse-bot
Published: Sep 07, 2021 02:08 PM
XPeng's horse-bot

XPeng's horse-bot

Chinese NEV startup Xpeng launches its latest intelligent mountable horse-bot on Tuesday, according to its official WeChat account, which is set to be Xpeng's first intelligent vehicle for kids.

The horse-bot was developed by Xpeng's subsidiary company Pxing based on its self-developed quadruped robot. The official website of Pxing showed that the horse-bot was inspired by unicorn with legs which include simulated joints. 

The horse-bot is equipped with autopilot function same as a vehicle that can recognize surroundings, plan movement routes and avoid barriers by cameras and radars. The horse-bot can also identify users by various means of vocal print, face and gestures recognitions. 

In addition, the horse-bot is able to be mounted by kids and carry items during shopping, jogging and hiking. Before its battery dies, the horse-bot can arrange its own charging plan and return to its charging base automatically.

Global Times