Huawei's Ren Zhengfei emphasizes innovation, basic sciences after one-year chip ban
Published: Sep 14, 2021 10:47 PM
Huawei Photo: VCG

Huawei Photo: VCG

The details of a conversation between Ren Zhengfei, Huawei's founder and CEO, and members of the company's research team was released on Tuesday. During the meeting Ren stressed the company's firm ambition of continuing to grow its HiSilicon branch and chip unit despite the current US economic crackdown. He also called for more theoretical innovations through the global platform.

The talk was released one year after the US government blocked "the last way out" for Huawei to get access to key supplies of semiconductor, dealing a heavy blow to the firm's chip designing and consumer businesses.

Ren said that without the years invested in science and research and its deep cooperation with global scientists, Huawei may have no way to get out of the difficulties it faces caused by the blockade from the US.

"We need more theoretical breakthroughs, especially in the fields of compound semiconductors and materials science. Japan and the US are basically leading the way. We must use the global platform to create our own success," Ren said.

"Huawei will also allow HiSilicon to continue 'climbing the Himalayas'. This is the company's mechanism. Only with such a mechanism can we have the confidence to win," Ren said, indicating that the company will encourage research work as usual.

Ren further said that in the past two years, when the firm was under pressure by the US, its human resources policy never changed, with salaries and bonuses as normal. Employees are more united internally and the company has attracted more talents to join its team.

Regarding the development standards for 6G, Ren said that "when we 'pierce through the sky' and lead the world, we should not be constrained by standards. Dare to go our own way, dare to create de facto standards and let others connect with us."

Ren said Huawei is working on the development of 6G patents, adding that the firm will not wait until to be constrained by others because it has no patents.