Raise debt limit or face crisis, warn US CEOs
Published: Sep 16, 2021 06:48 PM
US Congress Photos: cnsphoto

US Congress Photos: cnsphoto

Business Roundtable, an association of over 200 chief executive officers (CEOs) of America's leading companies, on Wednesday warned US congressional leaders of the prospect of an economic crisis if they fail to swiftly raise the debt limit.

"Failure to lift the US federal debt limit to meet US obligations would produce an otherwise avoidable crisis and pose unacceptable risk to the nation's economic growth, job creation and financial markets," the letter read.

Doug McMillon, chairman of Business Roundtable and president & CEO of Walmart, and Joshua Bolten, president & CEO of Business Roundtable, were among the writers of the letter to congressional leaders.

"An extended period of uncertainty around the debt ceiling poses an even higher risk than usual as America continues to confront economic risk from the pandemic," the executives wrote.

Moreover, erosion of the country's credit position would also result in "permanently higher borrowing costs" for the federal government and American companies, they warned, urging Congress to raise the debt limit "well before the mid-October deadline."

The warning came after US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said last week that the Treasury Department's "extraordinary measures" to temporarily finance the government might be exhausted in October.

"Once all available measures and cash on hand are fully exhausted, the United States of America would be unable to meet its obligations for the first time in our history," Yellen said.