Chinese Ambassador congratulates SDP’s win in election, hopes German parties continue ‘pragmatic, cooperative’ policies toward China
Published: Sep 28, 2021 06:26 PM
Chinese Ambassador to Germany Wu Ken  Photo: Chinese Embassy in Germany

Chinese Ambassador to Germany Wu Ken Photo: Chinese Embassy in Germany

Chinese Ambassador to Germany Wu Ken congratulated the Social Democratic Party (SPD) for its win in German's election, saying that no matter how the coalition forms, China hopes German political parties will continue pragmatic and cooperative policies toward China. 

Despite the differences in political systems and cultural traditions between China and Germany, they have not prevented the two countries from working closely together. China-Germany cooperation has also brought benefits to the people from both countries and the whole world, said Wu during an online keynote speech on Monday. 

He noted that the two sides have the ability and responsibility to move forward along this right path, bring more stability to bilateral relations and welcome the 50th anniversary of China-Germany diplomatic ties in 2022 with a more positive attitude. 

China and Germany have withstood the test of the COVID-19 pandemic and maintained a steady development of bilateral relations, said Wu. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Merkel had in-depth exchanges by video or phone four times in the first three quarters of 2021; Chinese Premier Li Keqiang co-hosted the 6th round of China-Germany inter-governmental consultation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Great Hall of the People via video link in April; and the foreign ministries of the two countries also maintained close communication on major international issues, he noted.

This is a hard-won situation and both sides should jointly promote steady and long-term development of China-Germany relations, said Wu. 

The preliminary results of Germany's election showed that the left-leaning SPD narrowly beat the Christian Democratic Union, the centrist-right, conservative party, the party of outgoing Chancellor Merkel. This has made Olaf Scholz, leader of SPD, the next possible leader of Germany.

Chinese experts predicted that if chosen as a leader, Scholz would carry on Merkel's pragmatic policies and would not drag Germany into reckless confrontations with other countries.