China objects UNHRC draft resolution on death penalty
Published: Oct 11, 2021 10:28 AM
File Photo:VCG

File Photo:VCG

The death penalty is a legislative and judicial issue within the sovereignty of a country. Abolition of any criminal penalties should be based on respect of judicial rights and society needs of a country, China delegation said in an explainer speech on its objection on the draft resolution of UN Human Rights Council on the question of the death penalty.

The international community has no consensus on the death penalty. Many countries believe that when dealing with the abolition of criminal issues, including the death penalty, factors such as the judicial system, economic and social development level, and historical and cultural background of each country should be fully considered, China delegation said. 

China retains the death penalty, but strictly controls and prudently applies it. This is determined by conditions of the Chinese society and the needs of fighting crime. China's Criminal Law stipulates that the death penalty shall only be applied to criminals who have committed extremely serious crimes, and has very strict stipulations on its application.

China doesn’t support turning judicial issue to a human rights issue, nor hyping transparency of the death penalty. China will vote against the draft resolution on the question of abolishing the death penalty, the delegation said. 

Global Times 

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