Chinese netizens outraged by discriminative no-smoking rule for S. Korean factory in E.China’s Nanjing
Published: Oct 25, 2021 11:38 AM


Chinese netizens have expressed outrage at a new discriminative no-smoking notice by a South Korean factory in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu Province. 

Shenyuan Auto Parts Technology (Nanjing) Co, a South-Korea invested automobile parts factory based in Nanjing, was subject to heated debate over the weekend after it released a no-smoking notice on Friday, that excludes  Korean workers in the company. 

"From 1 pm on Friday to 1 pm on Saturday, all staff members in the factory are banned form skimming for one day. Any employee who violated the rule will be dismissed, except  Koreans," the notice read. 

The discriminative term "exclude the Koreans" are modified according to a staff from the company. The company was unable to reach via the telephone number as of press time. 

The incident has sparked outrage among many Chinese netizens.

"Stand up and don't kneel," commented one Chinese netizens,

"How much kimchi did the Koreans give them to write such a notice," said another.

According to Chinese corporate database, Shenyuan was established on August 13, 2018, with a registered capital of $20 million. It is a wholly owned foreign invested enterprise with headquarters in South Korea.

The company's business scope includes the production, sales and technical service of auto parts, auto molds and mechanical equipment. 

It is a subsidiary of South Korea's MS Auto Tech Group, one of the top five assembly and thermoforming manufacturers in South Korea, according to a profile of the company seen on a Chinese job website. 

An employee from the company surnamed Wang said that the notice has been modified and removed the discriminative terms of "excluding Koreans", reported. 

According to Wang, the notice was sent to employees via internal work groups. "There are not many Koreans in the company, but they are all in the management position. The original   announcement should have been approved by the Koreans," he said.

Wang said some employees have been fired for breaking the no-smoking rules since the announcement was published. "In the past, people also got fired for smoking," he said, who demand apologies from the company.