TSMC must not compromise to US government’s order by submitting confidential business data: Taiwan Affairs Office
Published: Oct 27, 2021 04:13 PM


The Taiwan Affairs Office under the State Council vowed Wednesday to monitor the ongoing situation of Taiwan Island's semiconductor chips manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co's (TSMC) forced compromise to submit proprietary business data, including commercial secrets, to the US government.

Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the office, said that public opinion in Taiwan island was firmly against TSMC's compromise, and they believed that it will harm Taiwan's industrial chain. 

"Compared with Chinese mainland's support for Huawei, the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party's silence is ridiculous," said Ma.

At the end of September, the Biden administration ordered the world's major semiconductor microchip manufacturers including TSMC and Samsung to hand over their proprietary business data in 45 days to Washington. 

TSMC said it will not "leak clients' confidential information" and will not hand over business data to the US government. However, according to a report by Taiwan island's media outlet China Times published on October 23, TSMC had promised to hand in business data requested by the US before November 8, the deadline set by the US government.

Global Times