Designs for 2022 Olympics medals demonstrate cultural creativity
Published: Oct 27, 2021 06:08 PM
The medals of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games Photo: VCG

The medals of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games Photo: VCG


The medals for the upcoming 2022 ­Beijing Olympic and Paralympics ­Winter Games were unveiled by the Beijing organizing committee on Tuesday. The designs for these sleek-looking gold, bronze and silver medals reveal a creative design ethos that focuses on China's cultural creativity. 

Adopting the theme tongxin (Lit: same heart), meaning "to be in one," the medals' design resonates with the Olympic Games' pursuit of bringing the world together with respect to difference and diversity. In resonating with the "one" concept, the medal's body took inspiration from the ancient Chinese bi, a type of flat disk often made from jade that was believed to have religious significance. There are five circles on the surface of the medal that not only refer to the five Olympic rings' message of binding the five continents together, but also symbolize the harmonious connotation represented by the bi

"The bi's round shape symbolizes the state that 'Heaven and Earth' are one and so represents 'harmony.' It was also a ceremonial object used on significant occasions, this also shows the importance of the Games to the country and our respect for the world," Zhu Fangming, a culture expert, told the Global Times on Wednesday. 

On the back of the medals are 24 dots that form thin sparkling lines that were inspired by early astrological charts in China, each dot is like a bright star shining in the night sky and therefore symbolizes the bright unlimited potential of the athletes. 

The Paralympics medals have the same dots, but also sport the addition of Braille. Since the Winter Olympic medals need to be larger than the Summer Olympic medals in order to stand out from the heavier clothing the athletes wear, the design team settled on medals that are 8.7 centimeters in diameter. 

The design was introduced to mark the 100-day countdown to the Winter Games.