New detective drama released on Sohu TV
Published: Nov 11, 2021 01:12 AM
Photo: Courtesy of Sohu TV

Photo: Courtesy of Sohu TV

Proof of Silence
, a detective drama produced by Chinese streaming platform Sohu TV, had its launch on Tuesday.

Attended by the streaming platform’s CEO Zhang Chaoyang, the online meeting also included the producer of the drama Feng Xinyao and the director Wang Rong, as well as main actors Sheng Yinghao, Kang Keren, Wang Shuang and Sun Jiaqi.

The drama begins with a criminal case after a woman is attacked and kidnapped by a masked person, triggering a police investigation.

“We value every aspect of this drama from script adaptation and scene setting to actor performance. We add comedy, love, action and other elements to make the story richer and the characters more vivid,” said Feng.

Sohu TV has already created the popular modern investigative drama Medical Examiner Dr. Qin, but CEO Zhang said he expected more locally made, high-quality detective dramas to appear.

Since the launch of its “small-but-beautiful” strategy in 2018, Sohu TV has been working on finding new ways to produce content instead of spending money on hiring big stars and buying high-priced broadcast rights.

The new drama was released on the platform on Tuesday.