Pernod Ricard attends CIIE for fourth consecutive year
Published: Nov 11, 2021 03:48 PM

The exhibition stand of Pernod Ricard at the 4th China International Import Expo

The exhibition stand of Pernod Ricard at the 4th China International Import Expo Photo: Courtesy of Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard, an internationally renowned wines and spirits group, brought its world-renowned spirits and wines brands to the China International Import Expo for the fourth consecutive year on Friday. 

While demonstrating its globally diversified brands in depth, Pernod Ricard looks forward to taking advantage of the CIIE once again with its diversified product portfolio, new retail strategic layout, as well as its sustainable & responsibility commitments.

At the CIIE, Pernod Ricard has brought Church Road, premium wine series from New Zealand, marking the wines' official entry into the Chinese market. 

"At the booth, we showcase our direct-to-consumers initiatives for DRINKS &CO, Le Cercle, L'Atelier Martell, responding to the increasing demand and needs of Chinese consumers in terms of rich experiences and brand education," said Jerome Cottin-Bizonne, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard China.

Pernod Ricard now is offering everyone an unconventional experience integrating retail and on-trade as well as online and offline, with a great variety of products from spirits, wines, champagne, cocktail, and even merchandise and customized services.

"For offline experience, they can have a drink and get immersive experience. For online experience, they can use DRINKS & CO online store and WeChat mini-programs to enjoy the interactive experience," Jerome Cottin-Bizonne said.

In terms of booth design, both the bar counter and the DRINKS & CO display wall use recyclable environmentally friendly paper as a construction material. In the tasting area, all tasting cups and straws are made of biodegradable materials, demonstrating the group's active practice of the concept of sustainable development.

"In DRINKS & CO, our first flagship retail store in Shanghai, we are lowering carbon emissions from its design, decoration, and daily operations, with lighting and appliances meeting global energy-saving standards. In addition, we promote renewable agriculture to combat climate change, and by 2025 we will promote pilot projects in renewable agriculture in vineyards in eight wine-producing regions, including China," Jerome Cottin-Bizonne said.

The flagship store of L'Atelier Martell in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong Province Photos: Courtesy of Pernod Ricard

The flagship store of L'Atelier Martell in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong Province Photo: Courtesy of Pernod Ricard

Seeing China's commitment to low-carbon development, Pernod Ricard China, based on the Group's 2030 Sustainability & Responsibility Roadmap, has been actively taking actions through promoting responsible drinking, advocating sustainable lifestyles and restoring ecosystems, leading the industry in terms of implementing sustainable practices and driving awareness.

On the year 2021's World Environment Day, Pernod Ricard's brand Martell launched its first-ever sustainability & responsibility project in China, aiming to reforest and restore around 18,000 mangrove trees within the first year on Hailing Island in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province.

The CIIE is a powerful bridge between enterprises and the Chinese market. At 2021's CIIE, the Group looks forward to continuing to demonstrate the core value of "Créateurs de Convivialité." 

"We will continue to enable more consumers to embrace our comprehensive product portfolio and discover the conviviality of our products through dynamic experiences," said Jerome Cottin-Bizonne.

"We are also committed to being a responsible industry leader and corporate citizen that creates conviviality and enables a positive influence on Chinese society," he added.

In the past financial year, Pernod Ricard achieved eye-popping growth of 44 percent in China hitting an important milestone, indicating that the company has already gained trust and favor from many Chinese consumers.

"Our diversified product portfolio with the addition of strong premium wines, and unrelenting exploration under the new retail strategy, will bring more convivial gathering moments to Chinese consumers and enable the realization of a sustainable future," said Jerome Cottin-Bizonne.