Railway operator in S. China Guangzhou to improve high-speed train bubble tea service amid price controversy
Published: Nov 17, 2021 01:48 PM
Screenshot of the promotional material of bubble tea served on high-speed train

Screenshot of the promotional material of bubble tea served on high-speed train

The catering company under China Railway Guangzhou Group Co said on Tuesday that the pricing of bubble tea provided on high-speed trains at 26 yuan ($4.07) was reasonable, and will improve the product quality in response to passenger feedback, The Paper reported on Tuesday. 

Multiple netizens earlier had expressed their dissatisfaction with the bubble tea on social media platforms. One netizen named "Shezhu Jiebanren" on Chinese Twitter-liked social media Sina Weibo said 26 yuan doesn't match the drink served onboard which tasted even worse than instant bubble tea. 

Another netizen claimed that the cost of the bubble tea was not so important, but the taste did not match its price. Netizen named "Yiwang de Qingchun" also suggested that the packaging for the drink was not attractive. 

China's railway operator in South China's Guangdong Province said on Sunday that it has provided bubble tea with 26 yuan each on high-speed trains between Guangdong and Central China's Hunan Province, per the official WeChat account of the operator.  

The operator mentioned that the bubble tea was first made available in the middle of October this year with around 3,000 cups sold each day. 

The Guangzhou railway operator said that the pricing of the bubble tea took into account the cost of production, sales and transportation. The operator noted that serving the drink onboard a high-speed train also increased the cost. 

The director of the catering company said they will accept feedback from passengers and improve the quality of bubble tea. 

Global Times