Tesla won’t launch Starlink satellite system in China, as the country has ubiquitous internet access
Published: Nov 18, 2021 06:13 PM
Tesla Photo:Xinhua

Tesla Photo:Xinhua

Tesla has no plans to use Starlink services in China, and all its vehicles and electricity recharging stations in China use network services provided by Chinese operators with all vehicle- system-connected data kept in the country, Tesla China told the Global Times on Thursday.

Earlier, some media outlets reported that Tesla's supercharger stations in the US have installed Starlink receiving antennas to provide wireless network services for Tesla car users.

Starlink, a service launched by Space Exploration Technologies (Space-X), is aimed to provide high-speed internet access through satellites from the near-Earth orbit, in order to solve the problem of internet coverage in remote outlying regions. 

According to data from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), around 21 million people in the US do not have broadband internet access, making them difficult to access network services while driving, so Tesla initiated the Starlink service. 

However, China, with broad rollout of high-speed mobile networks by China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, can meet Tesla's requirement for broadband coverage, with no need to use the Starlink satellite internet system.

According to the International Telecommunication Union regulations, enterprises are asked to be approved by local regulatory authorities before using Starlink.

"Tesla's production and operation in China strictly abides by Chinese laws and regulations. All the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles produced and sold in China, as well as the recharging piles, are manufactured in Tesla China's Shanghai factory in accordance with Chinese requirements and standard," an official from Tesla China told the Global Times, adding Tesla will not install Starlink in China.

In addition, Tesla said that the Starlink service requires the installation of supporting receivers, which must be fixed in an open and roofless area. That is to say, Tesla will not use the Starlink in China for its vehicles and charging stations.

Global Times