Price of China's coal future drops by 60% as nationwide daily output reaches over 12 million tons: NDRC
Published: Nov 21, 2021 10:56 PM
Photo taken on Dec. 22, 2020 shows a thermal coal yard of Huanghua Port in Cangzhou City, north China's Hebei Province. Photo: Xinhua

Photo taken on December 22, 2020 shows a thermal coal yard of Huanghua Port in Cangzhou city, North China's Hebei Province. Photo: Xinhua

China's daily coal output has now stabilized after reaching over 12 million tons and the price of coal futures has declined to 800 yuan ($125.25) per ton, a fall of nearly 60 percent from the peak reached in October, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China announced on Saturday on its website.

Analysts believed that the adjusted measurement revealed by the country's top economic planner will quickly cool down the surging coal price before winter comes this year. 

According to news outlet China Reform Daily, China's nationwide coal output reached 12.05 million tons on November 10, a new historic height, and now has stabilized after reaching a daily output of over 12 million tons. 

As a major fuel for electricity generation, coal stocks on nationwide power plants reached 129 million tons on November 14 and may surpass 140 million tons by the end of the month. 

To secure the energy supply in winter 2021, the NDRC issued multiple regulations targeting the cost of coal production, market rectifications and price adjustment mechanism. Affected by decreasing coal prices, the cost of multiple raw materials including steel, aluminum and glass also declined sharply.

Global Times