Users can directly access external links in the one-to-one chat: WeChat
Published: Nov 29, 2021 10:47 PM
WeChat Photo:VCG

WeChat Photo:VCG

Tencent's massively popular app WeChat announced on Monday that users can directly access external links in the one-to-one chat, a step forward after the country's tech regulator ordered internet giants, including Alibaba and ByteDance, to open up their platforms.

In a statement posted on its official WeChat account, it said the adjustment was made to implement the special guideline proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for external link management. 

It will also test the direct access of e-commerce external links in group chats and develop an independent selection model to provide users with external link management tools.

WeChat also stated that it will actively cooperate with other internet platforms to jointly implement MIIT's special guideline and explore technical possibilities for using WeChat services in other platforms and achieve further interconnectivity.

In September, MIIT spokesperson Zhao Zhiguo said that facilitating connectivity in the internet industry is necessary to promote the high-quality development of this sector. He also indicated that major companies should proactively take action to promote instant messaging services and stop blocking links.

"Blocking links to other websites without justification has seriously affected user experience and consumer rights and also disturbed the market order," said Zhao.

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