Canada Goose denies 'non-refundable' policy in Chinese mainland, but confusion persists
Published: Dec 01, 2021 12:50 PM
Canada Goose Photo:VCG

Canada Goose Photo:VCG

Canadian luxury parka maker Canada Goose on Wednesday denied reports of a non-refundable policy for its products sold in the Chinese mainland market, which ignited public anger among Chinese consumers, saying that all products sold at Canada Goose's retail stores in the mainland are refundable in line with Chinese laws. However, confusion over its policy continues among some of its retail stores.

The response came after the media reported that a Chinese consumer, who bought a down jacket at a Canada Goose store in Shanghai on October 27, claimed she could not return the jacket after finding the logo was incorrectly embroidered. On October 28, the consumer filed a complaint with the store but the manager said that she could not return the product and had to take her request to the upper levels of the company.

"We are aware of the case and discussions. Canada Goose strictly abides by the laws and regulations as they relate to return and exchange policies," Canada Goose said Wednesday.

"In the first clause, the policy outlines that all products sold at Canada Goose's retail stores in Chinese mainland are refundable, subject to applicable laws. The policy also states in the seventh clause that 'the exchange policy does not affect the customers' rights under applicable laws'," the company said.

Following the official response, the Global Times contacted a salesperson from a Canada Goose retail store in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, who said they've noticed the statement but that "products are only refundable when it abides by the law and regulation in China."

The salesperson could not explain clearly what that means in context of regular consumer transactions.

"At the level of retail store, we do not have the power of interpretation, and we need to report refunding requests to the upper levels of the business," the salesperson told the Global Times.

Canada Goose has now more than 15 retail stores in the mainland market. The company is forecasting annual earnings above estimates after topping Wall Street expectations for Q2 revenue. Known for its bright red parkas, Canada Goose has benefited from rising Chinese middle-class consumers over recent years.

Global Times