China to focus on stability and security of energy, food, industrial and supply chain: NDRC
Published: Dec 14, 2021 08:35 PM
A man rides a bike past the National Development and Reform Commission in Beijing. Photo: VCG

A man rides a bike past the National Development and Reform Commission in Beijing. Photo: VCG

China will focus on the security and stability of energy, food, industrial and supply chain in 2022, while effectively expanding consumption and investment as well as accelerating structural adjustment and optimization of the country’s industrial sectors, China’s top economic planner said on its Wechat account.

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) made the remarks during a meeting held on Monday aimed at addressing the deployment of key tasks  for development and reform in 2022, following the tone-setting Central Economic Work Conference that outlines the country's top economic policy priorities for the coming year.

In 2022, the NDRC will ensure stable economic operation and further support the development of the real economy including manufacturing enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.

According to the meeting, China will step up efforts to improve the quality of the supply systems while ensuring stable growth, in addition to deepening reform and opening-up and expanding consumption, in order to promote the formation of a strong domestic market and the continuous betterment of people's lives.

Alongside the development of national economy, the meeting also noted the importance of security and stability for energy, food, industrial and supply chains.
In 2022, China will strengthen the development of energy production, supply, storage and marketing systems, in a bid to ensure the supply of coal, electricity and natural gas for people's livelihood and production needs. 

In order to orderly promote the adjustment and optimization of the national energy structure, policymakers will continue to encourage the construction of large wind and photovoltaic power bases in sandy, rocky and arid parts of the country.

Moreover, authorities will improve security systems for food production, purchase, storage, processing and marketing as promoting the national black earth protection project and the revitalization of the seed industry.  

According to the meeting, the country will ensure the security of industrial and supply chain improving its resilience and management capabilities. Taking advantage of domestic demand, authorities should enhance the quality of consumer services including medical and health care, aged care and cultural tourism.

In addition, the government should encourage and guide private capital to participate in projects across the transportation, logistics, and environmental sectors, to moderately achieve the advancement in infrastructure investment.

Since September this year, the country has experienced energy shortage including coal and electricity as well as the soaring vegetable prices. Amid the government efforts to stabilize the market and increase supply, residents have enjoyed a warm winter, analysts said.