Chinese New Year galas promote culture through streaming platforms
Published: Feb 09, 2022 06:59 PM
Dance drama The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting, inspired by the ancient Chinese painting Thousands Miles of Mountains and Rivers by Wang Ximeng of the North Song Dynasty (960-1127), dominated China's social media after it aired on Chinese state TV as people were excited to discover the beauty of China's traditional culture. 

It is tradition for Chinese people to spend the Chinese New Year's Eve together with the whole family, sitting in front of TV to watch a gala, no matter if it is produced by the country's central TV station or provincial level stations. 

With the fast development of Chinese streaming sites, most people watch Spring Festival galas on their mobile phones or computers through sites like Youku. 

With "More Laughter, More Luck" as its slogan, the site has collected over 20 different galas produced by Chinese provinces. 

Among them are the popular gala by Henan Satellite TV known for its rich Chinese cultural elements, the crosstalk-themed gala by North China's Tianjin Municipality, where crosstalk is the most well-known form of entertainment, and an entertainment show by a station in Northwest China's Liaoning Province, which is known for the sketch performances.

Collaboration between traditional media platforms like TV stations and booming streaming sites like Youku have become the most effective means of increasing the already widespread influence of traditional Chinese culture. Clips from these galas have even been welcomed on overseas social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter. 

The Spring Festival galas on the streaming site allow China's traditional culture to spread abroad, acting as a business card to the world that shows the heritage of China's ancient civilization and the cultural confidence of the Chinese people.