Why artificial snow is beneficial to Beijing 2022?
Published: Feb 11, 2022 07:59 PM
National Alpine Skiing Centre in Yanqing, Beijing Photo: VCG

National Alpine Skiing Centre in Yanqing, Beijing Photo: VCG

Artificial snowfall has been commonly seen in the Olympic Winter Games for decades since it was first used in Lake Placid in the US in 1980, breaking both the time and space boundaries for holding this international event. But do you know there are more benefits of using artificial snow this time in Beijing?

First, it will be fairer for athletes to compete during each event. The technology of artificial snow for Beijing 2022 is an independent development by China. Different from natural snow, certain traits including particle size, the proportion of water content, and the hardness can be easily changed in creating the artificial snowfall, to meet the qualities and needs of different competition venues. 

In addition, following the Winter Games, artificial snow can also offer a perfect environment for visitors to go skiing and sightseeing.

What's more, artificial snow technology can also be applied to tackle the climate issues. Regulating the temperature within a specific range can maintain the growth of crops in the areas where global warming has had an impact. In high-altitude alpine areas, the application of artificial snow can not only reduce the melting process of snow, but also control the water flow, preventing floods and droughts from happening.

Improtantly, artificial snowfall for Beijing 2022 will fully take the issue of water recycling into consideration where the melted snow will eventually return to the natural water cycle.

For example, the water resources used to create artificial snow in the National Alpine Skiing Centre in Yanqing district in Beijing are mainly sourced from a lake at the foot of the local mountain. And after the snow melts it will be collected through the channels around the competition area and gather into a pond located at an altitude of 900 meters on the mountain, to be prepared for making another round artificial snowfall.