China to push low-carbon transition in orderly manner, use coal to guarantee energy supply: official
Published: Mar 23, 2022 12:34 AM
Coal Photo:CFP

Coal Photo:CFP

China should see to it that coal plays the role of guaranteeing the county’s energy and electricity supplies, a senior Chinese government official said on Tuesday, sending a signal that the nation will secure energy supplies in the process of achieving the carbon emissions targets. 

Vice Premier Han Zheng said during a forum held on Tuesday that the country should understand the importance of guaranteeing national energy security while also pushing for highly efficient usage of coal, according to a report by Xinhua. 

According to Han, coal can be used in a highly efficient manner while the country pushes toward achieving the carbon targets and making the energy transition in a “scientific, orderly” manner. 

Elaborating on China’s plans to upgrade coal usage, Han noted that China would strength the application, research and generalization of core technologies. The country will also strengthen the overall planning, focus on key areas and integrate resources to form a “collective force” in pushing for improved coal usage. 

In terms of policy support, the country will further improve finance and taxation policies to stabilize market expectations, as well as attracting the participation of social capital in upgrading coal usage. 

The importance of coal in guaranteeing energy supply is a signal that the country will avoid overly radical steps in the process of pushing carbon targets, in order to avoid taking any risks with energy security. 

The need for guaranteeing energy supply was highlighted after China experienced power shortages in some regions last year. There are also uncertainties facing the world’s energy supply system as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.