No Moscow-Kiev deal with Russian concerns unaddressed: negotiator
Published: Mar 26, 2022 07:49 AM
An agreement between Moscow and Kiev can only be reached if all of Russia's major concerns are addressed, head of Russia's negotiation team Vladimir Medinsky said Friday.

"We insist on a comprehensive treaty. In addition to the neutral status of Ukraine and guarantees of its security, the pact should include a number of positions vital for our country," he told reporters.

Otherwise, the conclusion of an agreement is unlikely, said Medinsky, Russian presidential aide and head of the Russian delegation.

According to the official, the Ukrainian side is primarily concerned about obtaining security guarantees from third parties in the event that Ukraine does not join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is "a completely understandable position."

Medinsky noted that there has been a convergence of views on minor issues during the ongoing negotiation process, but not much progress has been made on major political matters.

He said he believes that the Ukrainian side is trying to slow down the peace talks to coordinate positions with third parties.