HUAWEI MatePad Paper: Decarbonizing the Office, from Pen-on-Paper to Ink-on-Screen
Published: Mar 27, 2022 04:37 PM
HUAWEI MatePad Paper Photo:Courtesy of Huawei

HUAWEI MatePad Paper Photo:Courtesy of Huawei

As the need for green energy solutions has become widespread across industry, enterprises have sought to implement low-carbon office technologies to get ahead of the curve. Offices are chock full of small items and needs, like lamps, paper, water dispensers, and printing, which when taken together create an enormous environment footprint. Huawei has long been committed to helping customers address these challenges, by providing the cutting-edge technology required to build tomorrow's eco-friendly office.

The low-carbon office revolution starts onscreen

In spite of a decades-long trend toward a truely paperless office, only accelerated by online platforms and sophisticated software, paper remains integral in daily life. The widespread use of devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets is not sufficient on its own to eliminate the preference for paper as a medium for communications, storage, and bookkeeping. There's also an intrinsic value to the familiar feel of pen on paper, and enormous convenience to being able to jot something down for personal reference.

The E Ink technology offers the best of all worlds: a natural paper-like display, alongside all of the digital amenities that we've grown accustomed to. E Ink devices therefore, represent a wholly comfortable digital reading paradigm, which is a marked improvement over that on other smart devices. The environmental and health benefits of a widespread shift to E Ink-centric reading and writing are potentially enormous. When you consider the smart and connected attributes of E Ink devices, which make sharing and collaboration seamless beyond belief, it becomes clear that E Ink is a game-changing technology that promises to reimagine the office as we know it.

Introducing HUAWEI MatePad Paper

HUAWEI MatePad Paper is the first-ever E Ink tablet to come equipped with HarmonyOS, transcending all previous expectations of what a tablet can be. It's a bottomless well of immersion, opening the mind to a world of immersive reading and carefree creation. MatePad Paper's 10.3" HUAWEI FullView Display pairs flawlessly with the M-Pencil (2nd generation) stylus, which offers a natural grip, and even seems to "scratch" its way across the surface in a wholly familiar way. Better yet, MatePad Paper and M-Pencil offer unparalleled digital convenience, with highly-practical features like split-screen note-taking, handwriting-to-text conversion, and voice recording, designed to make meetings, brainstorm sessions, and other professional settings, uber-productive springboards. HarmonyOS endows the tablet with seamless cross-device collaboration, so that work can be shared with remarkable ease. Just tap to send content from your smartphone to the E Ink display crafted for your reading comfort, or turn your MatePad Paper into a storage drive for your PC, with blistering-fast, cable-free document transmission!

HUAWEI MatePad Paper is a new-paradigm E Ink tablet that makes the office greener and less carbon-intensive than ever, while freeing individual users from the hassle and expense of paper. By recreating the familiar pen-on-paper writing experience onscreen, and reproducing words on the page in their best possible light, this tablet marries digital convenience with time-honored tradition.

*E Ink is a registered trademark of E Ink Corporation.