Gucci, other luxury brands ship 'exquisite' produce boxes to Shanghai customers as city enters partial ‘pause': reports
Published: Apr 01, 2022 01:06 AM
Photo: Screenshot of Jiupaixinwen video

Photo: Screenshot of Jiupaixinwen video

Some luxury brands in Shanghai, including Gucci and Louis Vuitton, are reportedly shipping gift boxes of fruits or vegetables to some local customers to "maintain clients" as the city tightened community management amid surging COVID-19 cases over the recent days.

According to local media news outlet, Jiupaixinwen, some luxury stores in Shanghai purchased large quantities of fruits, vegetables and other basic groceries and put them in exquisite boxes to give back to customers. 

Some netizens also posted gift boxes from renown luxury brands containing fruits, vegetables or, as some said, "Michelin-rated meals and cakes." However, the Global Times could not verify the validity of the posts.

An official customer service staff from Gucci in China confirmed the news to Jiupaixinwen, saying the store's team will receive from managers a list of customers to be contacted. But also clarified that the company is not discriminating customers based on the amount of spending.

The Chinese financial hub is now under the city's most stringent antivirus measures ever in a bid to stamp out the surging number of COVID-19 infections, as the ordered two-phase mass testing and closed loop management plans press the "pause" button on the usually bustling metropolis. Public transportation, taxis and car hailing services have been suspended in targeted areas and cross-river bridges and tunnels have been closed. 

Local residents have been queuing up to buy vegetables and basic groceries in supermarkets. Some residents also complained about difficulties in buying vegetables since communities have been closed and deliveries are not smooth. 

At a press conference on Thursday, Shanghai authorities said they failed to thoroughly prepare for the recent outbreak that has been battering the city. The authorities said previous epidemic prevention and control measures were not fully implemented, and the city has upgraded the directing mechanism and established six special working groups to focus on specific tasks, including securing daily needs.